Accurately Weigh Your Bud with a Digital Weed Scale

by Layne Alfred on Aug 13, 2020

The Truweigh Crimson digital scale is turned on and the silicone bowl is filled with cannabis nugs. The scale reads 55.99g

When you think of “stoner essentials,” a digital scale probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But there are many reasons why this is actually one of the most useful tools in your kit! A small digital scale confirms (or denies) that you’re getting the amount you paid for. It also comes in handy to ration out your doses to make your stash last longer, or even to gradually taper off.


Depending on the amount you would typically measure at once, there are a few different scales we recommend for weighing bud. Do you typically weigh ounces, or just a few grams at a time? This will determine the ideal size of your scale’s measuring bowl as well as how accurate the reading needs to be. If you’re weighing small amounts of bud at a time, you’ll want a scale that gives more decimal places. Check out our favorite digital weed scales and see which one best fits your smoking style!


Tuff-Weigh Scale

A white female hand holds the green Truweigh Tuff-Weigh scale and green Ooze Bowser hand pipe in her hand outdoors on a lawn.

If you want to safely keep your scale with you on the go or in your stash box, the Tuff-Weigh digital scale is durable and versatile. It features a rubberized cover to keep it protected at all times. You can even remove the lid to use as a larger weighing tray if you need more room. Choose between four colors to match your vibe!

Weight options: 100g capacity that measures to 0.01g, or 1000g capacity that measures to 0.1g.


Vortex Scale

 The Truweigh Vortex digital bowl scale is sitting on a white granite counter. The clear weighing bowl is sitting behind the base to the left, which is turned on.

If you buy your cannabis in bulk, the Vortex is the scale for you. Just dump your goods right into the large, dishwasher-safe bowl. The Vortex is also a perfect food scale if you’re trying not to go overboard on the munchies!

Weight options: 2000g capacity that measures to 0.1g, or 5000g capacity that measures to 1g.


Marine Scale

The Truweigh Marine washdown scale is sitting in a bed of white rocks outside, and the weighing platform is slightly wet.

The Marine is a great option for weighing your kiefiest strains since it’s completely dust and water-resistant! It’s IP65-rated for ingress protection, so you never have to worry about pollen getting stuck in the crevices and throwing off your measurements. You can even run the entire scale under the sink to rinse off any excess kief.

Weight option: 100g capacity that measures to 0.01g


Crimson Scales

The Truweigh Crimson and Mini Crimson scales are sitting together on a gray wooden surface. Both scales have the silicone bowl on top, without the lid.

The Crimson scales include a collapsible silicone bowl and lid that doubles as a weighing tray and a weed storage container. The bowl is airtight to keep your stash fresh, and is easy to clean once it starts to get sticky—just throw it in the dishwasher. You can even use the silicone bowl and lid as a protective case for the scale itself! Choose between a full sized option or a Mini crimson that weighs up to 100g and measures to 0.01g.

Full-sized weight options: 200g capacity that measures to 0.01g, and 100g capacity that measures to 0.1g.

Convinced that a digital scale is an essential for your smoke kit? Check out our range of options and never get ripped off again!

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