Choose The Right Vape Pen For You

by Layne Alfred on Aug 06, 2020

Choose The Right Vape Pen For You

The popularity of vaping cannabis has blessed us with all the varieties of batteries we could want. While this is great for experienced users who know exactly what they want in a battery, it makes it confusing for newbies to choose the right one. We’re here to make it easy to choose your perfect battery if you’re new to vaping!


First, determine…

  • if you plan to use pre-filled oil cartridges,
  • if you’d prefer to load your dabs in one at a time into a coil or wax atomizer attachment, or
  • if you want a product that does both!



If you’ve got pre-filled oil cartridges, all you need is a basic vape setup.


Ooze Touchless Pen


We’ll start with our simplest option—the Ooze Touchless Pen. This battery gets a 10/10 for usability. You won’t even find a single button on the slim design. Just screw your cart on and inhale to take a hit!


Ooze Slim Twist Pen

A white female hand with lilac nails holds 5 Ooze Slim Twist Pen batteries above a gray swirled floor. From left to right, the colors are green, orange, yellow, teal, and pink

Ooze’s Slim Twist Pen is by far our most popular vape pen. With a sleek design like the Touchless, the Slim Twist offers more control to the user with a pre-heat function and temperature dial.


Ooze Novex

A white female hand with pink nails and a white ribbed sweater holds the blue Ooze Novex battery with a wax atomizer inserted. Her arm is on a fuzzy tan blanket.

The Ooze Novex is a sleek palm battery that offers more discretion and even protection for your cartridge. That’s because the cartridge is housed inside the device! The Novex also has a temperature dial to control the intensity of your hit.



Planning to primarily use wax? A vape battery and globe attachment is what you'll need.


Ooze Glass Globes 

Four Ooze Glass Globes are attached to Slim Twist Pen batteries and are in Showcase Stands. From left to right, Swoop globe with pink pen, Festive globe with teal pen, Cloud globe with yellow pen, Genie globe with green pen.

These glass attachments transform your 510 thread vape battery into a complete dab setup. Just screw your coil on and load the dab onto the quartz rods inside. Then, put the glass globe onto the coil, heat it up and watch your smoke gather in the globe when you take a hit.


Ooze Slim Twist

We recommend grabbing a Slim Twist for all of these attachments (see above). The Slim Twist can pre-heat even thick wax, allowing for a quick dab anytime! Just attach your glass globe atomizer.



We have several versatile batteries that already include an atomizer, so you won't have to add anything else to your shopping cart if you partake in wax and oil alike.


Slim Twist Pro 

A white female hand with red nails and a black sleeve holds the matte black Ooze Slim Twist Pro vaporizer above a gray floor.

Ooze’s Slim Twist Pro package includes the Ooze Slim Twist Battery and a wax atomizer in a matching color. This atomizer tends to be better for portability than the slightly more fragile glass globes.


Vault Battery

A white female with white nail polish holds the green Ooze Vault battery in her left hand, and is taking a cartridge stored in the hidden compartment out of the battery with her right hand.

Not only does the Vault have a pre-heat option and temperature dial, it features a hidden storage compartment inside! This way you can always keep an atomizer AND a cartridge with you to instantly switch between vaping and dabbing.


Duplex Dual Extract Vape 

A white female hand holds the rainbow Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer in her hand above a plot of green leafy plants

The Duplex is a palm-style battery that uses a magnetic adapter to screw onto the bottom of your cart or atomizer, and then drop it into the chamber for security. If you like a high-tech and durable vape that serves all your needs, this is the one for you.  


Whether you prefer oil, swear by dabs or like to mix it up with both, we’ve got the one for you. If you’re new to vaping, just start by determining which attachment you’ll need and what batteries are compatible with those. The rest is all up to your own preferences! Browse all our batteries here to find yours.

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