Choosing the Perfect Bucket Banger for Your Dabbing Needs

by Corey Majeske on Dec 10, 2021

Bangers, more formally called “bucket bangers", have proven to be a game-changer as far as the dabbing world is concerned. Before bangers existed, dab rigs utilized much simpler, smaller nails to heat their concentrates, and bangers have expanded on this basic concept to improve all kinds of aspects of the dabbing experience.

What’s important to know about bangers is that there are all kinds of different options available, and it would be a mistake to just grab the first one that you happen to find. It’s good to know what types of bangers exist so that you can find the one that’s best suited for your specific preferences.

What is a Banger?

A banger is pretty much a bigger, fancier version of a traditional dab nail found on any standard dab rig setup. It has a bucket-like design that holds the concentrate after it’s heated, acting as a chamber while offering even heat distribution to the product and holding more product at once than what a standard nail can provide.

A banger is attached to the rig with a joint that has an inner tube to maximize airflow. Heating it is basically the same as heating a standard nail: you reach the preferred temperature with a butane torch before placing the concentrate into the banger.

Types of Materials

Bangers can be made from a few different types of materials. Some materials are more preferred than others, all though each one offers something desirable to the dabbing experience.


Quartz bangers are the most popular option by far, with most enthusiasts saying that quartz is simply the superior material. Quartz is very durable while also being easy to clean since it’s nonporous. Manages high heat perfectly while retaining the heat between each puff. And, it doesn’t negatively affect flavor like some other materials.


Ceramic bangers are very heat-retentive and heat-resistant just like quartz models, but ceramic is a far more fragile material that can shatter if dropped, or even chip if mishandled. It’s also a highly porous material that can attract gunk into its nooks and crannies, making it hard to clean. On the plus side, ceramic, like quartz, doesn’t negatively impact flavor.


Glass bangers are good for someone on a budget, and they can handle the heat of dabbing. But, like ceramic, glass is extremely fragile.


Titanium bangers are very durable and will likely last a lifetime. Because they are nonporous, they are just as easy to clean as quartz. But, titanium often leads to a slightly metallic taste that affects the flavor of your dabs. And, titanium can build and retain heat too well, thus potentially burning your dabs.

#2: Types of Styles

Bangers come in four main styles, which determine the overall design of the accessory.

Style #1: Flat Top

Flat top bangers are the most popular, having a bucket shape with a cylindrical nature, and having a flat top and bottom. They provide even heat distribution which allows more product to get heated at once for fuller hits. Meanwhile, the even heat distribution means smoother vapor and cleaner flavor.  

Style #2: Trough

Trough bangers look like a feeding trough, hence their name, having a wide, angled mouth and curved base. Because they are so wide, they heat dabs nice and evenly, but can also slightly reduce the potency due to all of the negative space and surface area.

Style #3: Thermal

Thermal bangers utilize a bucket design with a secondary, internal chamber inside that insulates the dabs. They retain heat better this way, so you don’t need to torch your banger as frequently. However, they are rough to clean.

Style #4: Angled

Angled bangers are newer, and already quite popular. They’re just like flat tops, except the top is angled while the base is flat. Some say this offers better flavor by changing the way in which the air circulates within.

Note: Within these primary styles, you’ll find all types of designs and models that build upon the basic elements described above. In fact, new styles are coming out all the time as dabbing is getting more and more advanced. So, we encourage you to explore different bucket designs and features to get a feel for what’s fresh on the market, and also find out all of the exciting ways in which subtle changes in design can greatly affect your dabs.

#3: Different Diameters

Bangers come in different diameters, usually being somewhere between 10mm and 20mm. The “sweet spot” though is 14mm bangers, as these are the most common. The size of the banger has a lot to do with the concentration of vapor, as larger bangers will dilute the vapor a bit, thus diluting the potency and flavor as well. A banger that’s too small could concentrate the vapor so much that the potency and harshness may be too much for certain individuals. We recommend starting with a 14mm banger since it’s so popular for a reason and changing it as desired as you get a hang of how bangers work.

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