Clean Your Dirty Piece Without the Elusive Rubbing Alcohol

by Layne Alfred on Jun 05, 2020

Clean Your Dirty Piece Without the Elusive Rubbing Alcohol

It seems that one of the currencies of the coronavirus pandemic (along with toilet paper) is rubbing alcohol. Because of this, it’s pretty much been impossible for us to get our hands on the liquid gold. The long quarantine we’ve endured has also meant we’ve been smoking more frequently, and without the elusive rubbing alcohol, our pieces are starting to look more than a little dingy.


So without alcohol, what are the alternatives for a quick and effective clean? Our website features cleaning products from a range of brands so you can choose the best solution for your piece, regardless of its material. Check out some of our most trusty options!


Randy’s Cleaners


We carry both of Randy’s top-selling cleaning solutions: Black Label, a heavy-duty and lightning-fast resin dissolver, and Green Label, the environmentally friendly and biodegradable version.

A bottle of Randy's Black Label cleaner is centered against a completely white background.

To use Randy’s Black Label, add the solution to your piece, shake it up, and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse it out with warm water and voila! Black Label can be used to effectively clean glass, metal or ceramic pieces.

A bottle of Randy's Green Label cleaner sits against a completely white background.

We love how fast Black Label works, but we also love the fact that Randy’s Green Label solution is actually reusable along with being Earth friendly. After you’ve soaked your piece in the solution, just filter out the solid particles and rebottle the cleaner to use for next time! Green Label can be used on virtually any material, including glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, wood and acrylic.


Higher Standards Dot Wipes

Higher Standards Dot Wipes are shown against a completely white background. The display box is behind a single wipe pack, which is behind an unwrapped wipe folded into a triangle.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from this pandemic, it’s that we can never be too sterile! These textured alcohol wipes from Higher Standards offer a quick way to disinfect your piece between passes if you’re sharing your piece among friends. The textured side of the wipe makes it easy to scrub away heavy buildup, and the soft side is great for polishing and touching up after a quick smoke sesh.


Orange Cleaners

 A white female hand holds a bottle of Orange Chronic Cleaning solution against a gray swirled floor background.

For a super fresh-smelling cleaning solution that works right away, check out Orange’s Chronic Cleaner and 710 Cleaner. Both of these environmentally friendly liquid cleaners are easy to use—just pour the solution into your piece, shake it up and rinse for instant results. Buildup will rinse right away and your glass will be shining like the day you bought it! Plus, 710 works great on all materials, even plastic and acrylic.


With these options, who needs rubbing alcohol? Once you give these a try, you’ll never go back to it! Along with these superstar cleaners, we carry dry mix packs, cleaning kits, wipes and more liquid cleaners. Some of these require no scrubbing, soaking or shaking up your piece, so depending on your personal requirements, we’ve got the options. Find a cleaning solution that’s best for your piece, whether it’s plastic, silicone, glass, metal or ceramic!

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