Cook Up Some Excitement When You Make Your Own Edibles!

by Layne Alfred on Jul 30, 2020

A small stack of chocolate brownies is sitting on a light wood cutting board next to a cannabis leaf.

Cooking is a great way to relieve stress, and so is eating an edible... so why not check both boxes and bake your own edibles? We have everything you need to make the whole process fast and easy, even if you’ve never tried your hand at being a canna-chef. And if you already like to bake with cannabis, we have the tools to cut your time in half. No more waiting hours to decarb and filter—these will do it all for you!


If you’re a newbie to cooking with cannabis, all you really need for a yummy edible is weed-infused butter. Add the butter to just about anything you’re cooking or baking and voila! Without the tools below, the process of cooking weed butter is a bit complex and takes hours. This brings us to our Butter Makers and Butter Molds, which are all you need to make potent cannabutter in just 10 minutes.


Butter Makers

The Herbal Chef Butter Maker, Butter Mold and Potholder are displayed together on a black shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showroom.

The Easy Butter Makers and Herbal Chef butter makers are extremely simple to use and only require three ingredients: oil or butter, water, and your ground herb. Simply…


  1. Add your stick (or two) of butter (or olive oil) and water. 
  2. Insert the filter and add your finely ground bud.
  3. Tightly screw on the lid and put it on the burner at medium heat.
  4. Cook until you hear some bubbling or can see steam.
  5. Your infused butter will be in the top chamber, where you can pour it out into a container to set, and remove excess water.


It’s that simple! Plus, at about the size of a teakettle, it's not going to take up much storage space. 


Butter Molds

 A white female hand is lifting the silicone lid of the Herbal Chef silicone mold to reveal the individual round inserts.

Once you’ve whipped up your cannabutter, use a butter mold to create perfect sticks to easily store in the fridge. Just pour your infused product right into the mold. The molds feature notches so you can easily portion your stick of butter as well as an airtight lid to keep it fresh.


There are tons of cannabis recipes online, but a great way to start is to pick your favorite dessert and simply bake your cannabutter into it. When making your cannabutter, just keep in mind the dosage of cannabis that will be in each stick.


For your first batch, start with a small amount of bud. Write down how much you added—this way you can use your first batch as a “test.” Did absolutely nothing happen to you, or were you paralyzed on the couch? Add less or more next time, depending on your desired high.


Ready to forget the days of waiting at the dispensary and paying high prices for edibles? Easily and quickly make your own potent edibles right at home with our butter makers and molds.

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