Does Your Dab Torch Need a Refill?

by Corey Majeske on Dec 10, 2021

Any analog dabbing setup, whether it’s a rig or a standard nectar collector, requires a unique type of heat source to allow the concentrates within to reach a high enough temperature to vaporize. And, that’s where having a dabbing torch matters. This is a basic butane torch that’s basically a must-have for any dabber who isn’t using an electronic heating method.

Anyone who relies on a torch for their dabbing needs knows that there comes a time when it’s going to run out of butane and needs to be refilled. We know that the idea of refilling a butane torch can sound intimidating, and even dangerous. But rest assured, it’s a process that just about anyone can pull off without a hitch, as you’re about to find out.

What is a Dab Torch?

A dab torch is a style of lighter that is larger than a typical gas-based lighter that you’d get at the convenience store. And, rather than gas-based lighter fluid, it uses butane, which is more stable to burn consistently, while being able to reach much higher temperatures. This is crucial, because the nature of concentrates requires higher temps in order to vaporize. A dab torch can reach up to 2500 degrees. While regular lighters are usually disposable, butane torches are more expensive, making them more practical to refill them rather than replace them.

How Long Do Dab Torches Last?

If a dab torch is high enough in quality and taken care of by the user, it can last for a lifetime. But, it will run out of butane which must be refilled regularly. How often you need to refill your torch depends on a number of things: how often you use it, how long you light it for, and the size of the torch all make a difference.

So, how do you know when it’s time for your torch to be refilled? It’s actually quite easy. The flame will simply start getting weaker, and eventually struggle to ignite at all. Once this happens, it’s a sign that your butane is running out and needs to be refilled.

A Simple Tutorial to Refilling Your Butane Dab Torch

Refilling a dab torch really isn’t as complicated as you may think. Just follow the steps below, in order to get back to dabbing in no time.

Step #1: First, find a can of butane fuel that’s made for this type of torch. You can find one in cigar shops and anywhere else these torches are sold.

Step #2: Now, on your torch, locate the refill nozzle and flame adjustment screw.

Step #3: Open the nozzle and hold your torch upside-down.

Step #4: Use a needle or similar object to get rid of any remaining fluid inside the torch.

Step #5: Shake it gently to break up any air.

Step #6: Now, in a clockwise direction, twist the flame adjustment screw. This will shut off the fuel flow.

Step #7: Hold your torch upright and place the butane fuel can’s nozzle against the lighter’s fuel nozzle to slowly pour fluid into the torch. Butane fuel is very thick, so it will take a while for it to pour out and fill the torch. Be patient.

Step #8: Now, you absolutely must let your torch sit for a half hour. The fuel needs to reach room temperature as it comes out of the can cold. Using cold fluid in a torch simply won’t allow the torch to work properly.

Step #9: After enough time has elapsed, you can twist the flame adjustment screw counter-wise halfway.

Step #10: Try to light the torch. If it doesn’t light properly, twist the screw counter-clockwise a little bit more. Keep doing this until you’re happy with the size of the flame.

Refill Your Torch Properly to Make it Last Forever

Overall, a butane torch is necessary if you’re going to dab using a traditional rig or similar type of analog setup. This means that you should go to great lengths to take care of your torch. Obviously, refilling is a key component of maintenance, and doing it the right way, based on the guide above, will keep your torch in great shape for a long time to come.

Tip #1: Your torch won’t light if debris got into it while you were refilling. If this seems to be the case, blow into the air channel to get rid of what might be stuck.

Tip #2: In terms of the best type of butane fuel, we recommend triple refined butane, which is a much higher quality overall. This can impact how quickly you go through your fuel, as well as the consistency of your torch’s performance.

Tip #3: Surprisingly, there is a trick to helping your torch fill up faster, which is freezing it for 10 minutes before you go to refill. Sticking it in a freezer brings it down to a similar temperature as the butane fluid in the can, and this can prevent the torch from “resisting” the flow of fluid, which can make the process take longer.

Tip #4: Always best to stick to the user manual that came with your butane torch. This can give you more maintenance tips to ensure that your torch operates as best as it possibly can.

Tip #5: Both your torch and your fluid should only come from trusted businesses that are known for carrying high-quality products. Not only can cheap torches and fluid cause performance issues, but in some cases, they can be dangerous to work with.

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