Don't Snooze on Ooze!

by Layne Alfred on May 21, 2020

Three Ooze silicone-glass hybrid pieces sit together on a wood shelf. The yellow Steamboat has a purple Armor Bowl inserted, a green Kettle has a black and green Armor Bowl with a yellow Slim Twist, and the purple Clobb shows the nectar collector & banger

Time to highlight one of our favorite smoking brands, and this one is oozing with style. As one of our most versatile consumer-focused brands, Ooze is all about providing a way to embrace the fun side of smoking. Their unique product lineup consists of bright, bold colors and funky shapes, but even more impressive than that are the innovative features in each design. With vape pen batteries, bongs, pipes, bubblers, dab rigs, electronic rigs, rolling trays and so much more, Ooze makes it affordable to mix up your smoke sesh. Below are Ooze’s best-sellers and brand new gadgets we can’t get enough of.



A female hand holds five Ooze Slim Twist vape pen batteries in her hand above a gray and silver floor. From left to right, the colors are green, orange, yellow, teal, and pink. 

Ooze’s entire selection of vape pen batteries is more than enough to satisfy any concentrate user. There is one that tops the rest, though, and it’s Ooze’s best-selling product: the Slim Twist pen. On top of the rainbow of colors to choose from, the Slim Twist is compatible with all 510 thread cartridges, has a dial for precise temperature adjustment and features an easy double-click pre-heat mode. There’s a lifetime warranty on these babies, but you’ll never need it. Throw it in your bag and trust its durability for every commute.


4-in-1 HYBRIDS

 The teal Ooze Clobb, Rasta Cranium, and yellow Slim Twist pen sit together on a table with a maroon patterned tablecloth. The Clobb has the nectar collector out, the cranium has the banger inserted and Armor Bowl sitting to the side for the vape pen.

Ooze features a number of different silicone-glass hybrid pieces, which is already brilliant. They recently added two new badass 4-in-1 devices to the silicone lineup: the Cranium and the Clobb. That’s right—each of these water pipes comes completely apart so you can easily configure a bong, a dab rig, a nectar collector and even a vape! You can pop your Ooze vape battery and cartridge right into the detachable silicone Armor bowl. Bottom line: the Cranium and Clobb are must-haves for those who love the freedom of utilizing different smoking methods but still want the convenience of a single piece.


2-in-1 PIPER

 The green Ooze Piper 2-in-1 hybrid is shown as a chillum and attached to the Ooze Tag lanyard. It is wrapped around a female hand, and is held above a flower garden with pink hyacinths

Another new innovation of Ooze’s is the Piper, a twist on the classic glass bowl.

The nifty thing about the Piper is that it can be used in a couple different ways. If you pop off the screened glass bowl on the end, the Piper becomes a slim one-hitter or chillum. Plus, this special design makes it super easy to clean. Just pop out the bowl to clean separately and soak the silicone body in hot water.  



 The small Ooze Kosmic Kraken shatter-resistant glass rolling tray is on someone's lap, with a few cannabis crumbs and a joint showing.

Ooze creates new rolling tray masterpieces each year, and 2020’s out-there designs are definitely worth checking out. They offer their famous designs in shatter-resistant glass, classic metal and even biodegradable bamboo. These fun conversation pieces are sure to make rolling up a fat one a little more magical.

On top of these best-sellers and new releases, Ooze has something to fit every smoker’s style. With a mission to keep smoking fun, cool and carefree, Ooze continues to impress with innovative designs that move the cannabis industry forward. Check out our versatile and unique Ooze products here at GoToSmokeShop!


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