Head Back to Campus with these Smoking Essentials

by Layne Alfred on Aug 27, 2020

Three young black men are standing together on a sidewalk, talking, smiling and looking at the phone in the hand of the guy in the middle. They all are wearing backpacks and masks pulled down around their chins to enjoy the drinks in their hands.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, life must go on. This might mean that you’re heading back to campus, or getting ready to start online classes. Either way, your smoking habits will probably be changing.

To make sure you can easily adjust to the lifestyle change after this long and monotonous lockdown, we’ve compiled a list of the essential smoking products for those hitting campus this fall.


The Happy Kit Mini is laying open with pieces spread out on a concrete ledge with a lawn and tree in the background.

The smell-proof Happy Kit contains all the tools you need for a smoke sesh on the go. They are perfect for dorms because your roommate will never suspect what’s inside (unless they like to get “Happy” on the regular, too). They have kits for both smokers and dabbers.



The pink, orange and blue Lighterpick dugouts are lined up on a black wood table with a yellow Clipper lighter leaning on the blue dugout. The blue one is slightly open to show the one hitter and poker inside.

The LighterPick dugout is a staple for college students because it’s waterproof, smell-proof and can hold up to a quarter of ground bud as well as a mini Bic lighter. If you think things might get a little crazy at the day party, this dugout will keep your precious goods safe. It’s even small enough to fit in your pocket.



The pink Smoke Buddy Jr. is laying on a white sheet with a cream colored journal, canister of cannabis and a pink lighter.

Named appropriately, the Smoke Buddy is a college stoner’s best friend. Exhaling into your Smoke Buddy eliminates odors and helps keep your room as smoke-free as possible. These are effective, but just remember that your dorm is the size of a shoebox, and excessive smoking even with your Smoke Buddy could cause lingering aromas.



A white female hand holds the large and small Aqua Glassworks silicone steamrollers in her hand. Both pieces are a red, white and blue mix.

We love the Aqua Silicone Steamroller because it’s small enough to throw in your bag and is virtually indestructible with its silicone exterior. Don’t let its size fool you—this guy really rips. If you’re an herb connoisseur, this colorful steamroller is the only piece you need.



A white female hand holds the ceramic Six Pack Abs Roast and Toast novelty mug in her hand in front of a black shelf full of other Roast and Toast mugs.

Name a more iconic duo than caffeine and cannabis. Delight your roommates on Saturday morning with a Roast & Toast mug, a coffee mug and bowl in one! You can all wake and bake with silly mugs that will only enhance your THC-induced giggles.  



A white male is holding the Green Mix Stache RiO Rig-In-One in his hands outside with a sunset in the background. He is turning the torch to turn it on

The Stache RiO (“Rig in One”) is the coolest self-heating dab rig available. No extra tools needed when you invest in this portable mechanical dab rig! It even includes a built-in torch and a case to keep everything together and secure.



A young, black female is crouched in front of a graffiti wall while wearing the Ooze Flame face mask. She is dressed in an all gray sweatsuit and is wearing pink and purple Nikes.

Ooze created two different comfortable designs of face masks with a range of wacky designs that show off your unique style. Regardless of the COVID-19 regulations your campus has implemented, it's important to keep your new community safe.



The teal Ooze Slim Twist vape pen battery is sitting on a white wood tray with a black remote and white Xbox controller. The tray is on a blue blanket, and there are three magazines spread out on the tray.

Ooze’s Slim Twist Battery is an absolute must-have for dorm-dwellers. I promise you—even your old, dried up bud will smell extra loud in your dorm room. Avoid any cause for suspicion (and your own anxiety) and vape instead! The Slim Twist produces vapor that is scentless and disappears in a couple seconds. Kick back on your lofted bed, take a hit and relax.  



Three Ooze Lanyards are laid flat on a wood table with the attachment end closest to the camera. From left to right, they are Ooze Logo, Tag, and Oozeville designs.

Ooze lanyards let you show off your personality—more than the alma mater lanyards everyone will be wearing. Plus, you can attach your Ooze vape battery so you can wear it around your neck at parties or tailgates!



The Ooze Modern Traveler Smell Proof Backpack is sitting in front of a glass door, with a olive green pair of Dr. Martens and a lavender water jug placed in front.

If you like to use one bag for all your activities, Ooze’s carbon-lined smell-proof backpacks are great for everyday use. You’ll have peace of mind that your backpack smells fresh for class, even if it had some wild nights last weekend.


With these essentials, you’ll never worry about causing suspicion in the dorm or walking around campus. Half the value of college is all the fun to be had, and these smoking products will help you do just that—discreetly!

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