How Often Should A Bong Be Cleaned?

by Corey Majeske on Sep 22, 2021

For many of us, a bong is a sacred item that connects us to one of our favorite hobbies. So, it’s important then to care for them properly. It should always be stored somewhere safe, especially if it’s made from a fragile material like glass. Another crucial aspect to maintaining a bong is keeping it clean.

Many people neglect their pipes, thinking that it doesn’t need to be cleaned until it’s absolutely filthy. Or, they’ll just throw it away once it’s too dirty. But, the reality is that whether you’re working with glass, silicone, or even ceramic, it must be cleaned frequently for the best smoking experience.

Why We Clean Our Bongs Regularly

After several uses, a bong of any material develops a film of gunky resin that starts to accumulate all along the interior walls of the piece. Little by little, this starts to interfere with your smoking sessions. It means that you’re going to taste that stale resin each time you take a hit. Secondly, the gunk can interfere with the airflow channels, resulting in bad hits. Even worse, small pieces of hard resin can break off and end up in your mouth– something you wouldn’t even wish on your enemy.

When to Clean Your Bong

It’s best to clean your bong after each use. Cleaning it after each use makes each cleaning fast and easy. Then it’s just a matter of rinsing it thoroughly to discard gunk that’s still soft enough to typically loosen when exposed to the pressure of your faucet.

How to Not Clean Your Bong:

Inappropriate Cleaners

Never use a solution not intended for bongs. Using bleach or Windex could dramatically increase the chances of getting seriously ill, as these substances are toxic when inhaled.

High Abrasion

Both glass and silicone are sturdy materials, but they can’t handle regular scrubbing with highly abrasive materials like steel wool. This will create microtears in the material that collects more resin as time goes on, and eventually weakens the entire bong structure.

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Bong

If you’re a daily user, do one thorough cleaning a week. If you’re bong is really dirty, the thorough cleaning is necessary.

Step #1: Grab a Safe Cleaning Solution

First, we recommend using a cleaning solution made for water pipes. These contain safe ingredients that won’t cause injury when inhaled. Most of them rely on natural ingredients that are not associated with harmful effects on our health.

Step #2: Submerge

Follow the directions on your cleaning solution to determine whether it requires some diluting with water. Then, fill a container or plugged sink with the solution and submerge your bong so it’s fully immersed. Take apart individual components as needed.

Step #3: Soak

From here, soak the bong for at least 4 hours, but preferably overnight. This allows the solution to really get into the gunk and break it up.

Step #4: Dry

Lastly, gently wipe the bong with a towel and then allow it to air-dry. Remember to be careful handling it while it’s still wet, as dropping a glass bong could spell disaster for obvious reasons.

Key Tip: The more frequently you clean your piece, the less effort you’ll need to put into each session.

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