How To Smoke Flower Discreetly

by Corey Majeske on Sep 22, 2021

We’ve all been there – some sort of obstacle getting into the way of a beautiful smoke session. Maybe it’s a hotel room, or at home with family. If there’s one thing we know about smoke, it’s that the smell gives it away every time.

Our Tips:

There are ways to be discreet while smoking that’ll hide both the smell and the clouds. The next time you want to enjoy some herb but feel anxious that someone nearby won’t approve, consider any one of these clever cover-up methods.

Tip #1: Try the Smokebuddy

The easiest way to smoke discreetly is with the Smokebuddy. The Smokebuddy is a handheld filter that you blow into to completely hide the smoke and the smell. It’s designed to stop the smoke from getting into the air with a simple filtration system that lasts up to 300 uses–something that DIY filters can’t pull off. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s looking to smoke inconspicuously.

Tip #2: Make A DIY Filter

One of the most popular DIY methods is the smoke filter. Take the cardboard part of a paper towel roll and stuff it with dryer sheets. The dryer sheets absorb the smoke and cover up the aroma. Each time you go to exhale, simply grab your filter.

Tip #3: Light Some Incense

Certainly not all scented sprays cover up the smell of smoke, but incense has some ability to overpower the flower. It produces smoke that challenges any odor in the air. It doesn’t matter what type of fragrance you choose, just make sure to light the incense five or so minutes before you start smoking. This creates a nice, strong scent that your smoke can’t compete with.

Tip #4: Try a One-Hitter

If smell isn’t an issue, One-hitter devices are great at being discreet. Other than its small size being discreet, the speed of use makes a one-hitter inconspicuous. Further, because of its small airflow channel, they produce less smoke.

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