How to Wake and Bake – GoToSmokeShop Style

by Corey Majeske on Sep 22, 2021

After a long week, there’s nothing like a little Saturday-morning wake and bake. Waking and baking has been a staple of cannabis culture for decades, and does not require a complicated process – the steps are literally in the name. At GoToSmokeShop, we like to kick our wake and back up a notch by combining it with breakfast.

We Got a Piece for That

For such an occasion, the only way to properly wake and bake at breakfast is with Roast and Toast cereal bowls. It perfectly combines the best two parts of any Saturday morning. Simply pack both bowls – the small one with flower and the main bowl with your go-to cereal. Smoke. Eat. Repeat. They also make coffee mugs! Now you can add a sativa to your morning cup of Joe.

Key Tip: Keep the milk and cereal on the kitchen table – you might want another bowl, or three.

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