Keep it Low-Key with a Smell-Proof Bag

by Layne Alfred on Aug 20, 2020

A white female hand holds the Ooze Traveler smell-proof Wristlet in her hand outside. You can see a glass hand pipe, pink pop top vial and red lighter sticking out of the top of the bag

Is that a skunk? Nope… that’s your bag. While you may smile and take a whiff when you smell weed in public, not everyone feels that way, especially in states where recreational weed isn’t yet legal.


Whether you’re hitting a big festival or just heading back from the dispensary, you need a bag that will keep herbal aromas locked inside. The secret is carbon-lining—weed’s cloak of invisibility. Many of our favorite brands have caught on to this and have brought us smell-proof bags in a range of sizes and designs. These options guarantee physical—and aromatic—security, no matter what your lifestyle is.




If you’re just heading over to a friend’s, you probably don’t need anything too large or heavy-duty. We love Ooze’s Traveler smell-proof wristlet for casual commutes, because not only are they lined with carbon for a fresh-smelling car ride, it’s just large enough to fit your bowl, weed vial, papers and a lighter.

 The Happy Dab Kit Mini is spread out on a concrete ledge outside with a tree in the distance. The dab mat is on the ledge, with the jar and nectar collector placed on it.

To bring some extra fun and color to your social smoke sesh, we also love the Happy Kits. These little babies include all the tools you need for a smoke sesh on-the-go, and there are even options for both dabbers and smokers. Plus, it’s all wrapped up in a pretty, smell-proof case.



 A tall white guy is wearing the Ooze Traveler Backpack outside while lighting up a green Ooze Piper. He has a black and grey winter jacket on and a black flat-brimmed hat.

Ooze’s Traveler series also includes backpacks (in a classic and modern style) that are ideal for hauling your stash through a crowd or big city. Both backpack sizes feature clips that connect the straps over the chest so no one can snag it off your back. Not only do they look sleek and trendy without attracting too much attention, the backpacks’ compartments feature 3-digit locks for extra security.

 The Ooze Traveler Toiletry Case is being held open to reveal the contents. You can see two Ooze Slim Twist vape pens, a large pink pop top vial, a smaller blue pop top, two wax jars, and a glass dabbing dish

Not bringing your stash with you to the show or on your hike? Ooze’s toiletry case also features locking mechanisms if you decide to leave your belongings in the tent or an unlocked cubby. The joke is on whoever thinks they’re slick enough to get close to your herbs.



 An assortment of Ryot Smell-Proof cases are laid out on a green and gray swirled floor. One larger case has all the inner dividers and accessories spread out on the floor

RYOT’s lockable smell-proof cases are some of our favorites for travel with their thick carbon fiber padding and hard exterior to protect even glass pieces. They have plenty of pockets and slots inside to keep tools secured so you can check your bag with confidence.


RYOT also designed a big ole’ carbon-lined duffel bag that looks as fresh and discreet as it smells when its packed full of the good stuff. Similar to the hard case, this secures and separates even your most fragile pieces with removable padding. With all of RYOT’s high-tech bags, the carbon lining can be reactivated if you’ve been using it a lot. Before a trip, simply throw the liners in the dryer for five minutes for total peace of mind.


Ever feel uneasy with cannabis in the car on the way back from the dispensary? Gotten a weird look from the person next to you on the bus? Save yourself the anxiety (and smelly car) and grab yourself a smell-proof bag!

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