Protect Yourself In Style with Ooze Face Masks

by Layne Alfred on Jul 09, 2020

Five Ooze Face Masks lay flat on a wood desk. Clockwise from the top, the designs are Neon Flame, Ogre, Nuclear Fallout, Troll, and Cursed

As local smoke shops finally reopen after a long lockdown, we’re excited to stroll in and relish in the reclamation of our freedom. But, you already know there’s a catch—the face mask requirement. While most states still require that a face mask be worn in enclosed public spaces, all 50 states have issued laws or strong recommendations on wearing masks. We all want to do our part to protect our communities, but masks are often uncomfortably tight or so loose they aren’t even doing their job. That’s why we love Ooze’s CDC-recommended face masks that are just as zany as you might expect.    


Double-Layer Filter Masks

 The Ooze Ogre Face Mask lays flat on a gray wood desk

The Ooze double-layer face mask allows you to sport vampire fangs or a shiny grill next time you pick up groceries (or an ounce). The colorful designs are very similar to the psychedelic Ooze rolling tray designs—that’s right, we can finally wear these on our faces!


Not only do they look dope AF, they are extremely effective in blocking airborne pathogens. Adjustable ear straps and the flexible nose strap conform much more snugly to your face than homemade fabric masks, but will stay in place longer than a disposable surgical mask.

 A white female hand is putting together an Ooze face mask. She is lifting the side of one end to show how the air filter is inserted in the mask.

This mask does require a bit of set up before it’s ready to wear. First, insert the air filter into the pocket. To create the adjustable ear straps, fold the twist ties over each ear strap. Then, slide a rubber stopper over the twist tie and slide it onto the strap. This is now the adjuster to tighten the mask to your face. Adjust the ear straps, press the top of the mask to conform tightly to the bridge of your nose, and go take on the world. 


If you’re looking for a plain option (we get it, the Ooze style is a bit eccentric), they offer generic dust masks as well. Even though this option is just as lightweight and comfortable, it protects you from more than pathogens, including dust, pollen, vehicle exhaust and haze.


Face Mask Sleeves

 A young black man in a white t shirt wears the Ooze Slime Face Mask Sleeve. The logo is directly over his mouth and he is against a white background.

If something tight on your face makes you feel totally claustrophobic, Ooze’s new loose face mask sleeves are a great alternative. The lightweight material rests on the bridge of your nose and extends all the way down your neck, protecting you and others around you from viral pathogens. Made of 100% breathable polyester microfiber material, you’ll stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. These sleeves also come in handy for protecting your neck in the sun, festivals where you’re outside all day (whenever those happen again), and snowboarding.


To make sure that we slow the spread of coronavirus, face masks continue to be the new normal for now. With Ooze’s face mask designs, we can keep our loved ones safe while keeping ourselves safe and comfortable as well. Plus, we can do it in style! Browse all of Ooze’s face mask options and designs here

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