Puff Away on a Disposable Nicotine Vape

by Layne Alfred on Jun 18, 2020

A female hand holds three Posh Plus Disposable Nicotine Vapes in her hand. From left to right, they are red, orange, and yellow. She is outside in front of a gray gazebo.

The vaping crisis of 2019 put an end to the delicious flavored vapes we knew and loved. Or so we thought. One small sliver of the market still remains: disposable nicotine vapes (and we have them)!

 A female hand holds all 8 Loud Bar Disposable Nicotine Vapes in the original packages, spread in a fan formation. They are held up in front of all the counter displays on a shelf.

Since they’re disposable, these vapes are affordable, easy to use and require no upkeep. You never have to worry about charging it when it runs out of battery—just toss it when it runs out of juice. And forget about the days of cleaning up the mess of e-juice on the table or your hands when you have to change the pod. All you have to worry about when you’re puffing on one of these vapes is relaxing!  

 A female hand holds three Posh Plus disposable nicotine vapes in her hand in front of a shelf full of Posh Plus displays. From left to right, they vapes are blue, teal, and green.

Even if flavored juices were still available for e-cigs, we would still prefer the Posh Plus and Loud Bar vapes. Both of these brands have tons of delicious flavors available and contain 5% and 6% salt nic e-juice, making them satisfying in every way (including a sweet tooth).

All 8 Loud Bar Disposable Nicotine Vapes are lined up laying down on a cement slab. They are in a rainbow formation with red on the left.

The Loud Bar disposable vapes boast a range of flavors including Banana Ice, Sour Apple, Blue Razz and more. Loud Bar vapes are a perfect alternative to the flavored Juul with the same rectangular shape and 5% salt nic.


Those who want a bit more can opt for the Posh Plus series of disposable vapes that contain 6% salt nic. Posh Plus vapes hold 2mL of e-juice, promising 500 puffs from a singular vape. They pack a flavorful punch right up the end of Minty Melon, Piña Colada, Cali Peach and more. We love the little touches of this vape, like the cylindrical shape and red light at the end of the vape to resemble a cigar.

 The counter display of Bluum CBD Disposable Vapes sits on a shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showroom. A hand is holding a mango vape out of the box to show how each individual piece looks.

If nicotine isn’t your thing but you like to have something to puff on, CBD vapes are a great alternative. We offer disposable CBD vapes from Select CBD, which offers natural flavors, and Bluum Lab, which offers fruitier flavors. Like other disposable vapes, these are draw-activated and can simply be tossed and replaced when they’re empty. Although these are made from hemp, you won’t get high. CBD provides calming effects on the body without triggering any psychoactive activity. That’s precisely why we love these vapes as an alternative to nicotine. Select CBD’s vapes even contain soothing essential oils. 


If you, like many others, thought flavored nicotine vapes were gone forever, we’re pleased to inform you that they are still alive and well. And, just saying—these babies are ideal to order online since you can stock up totally discreetly. Check out our variety of disposable vapes and bring flavor back into your puffing experience!

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