Rise and Grind: Herb Grinders for Every Stoner

by Layne Alfred on Jul 23, 2020

A white female hand holds three Ooze Saturn globe grinders in her hand above a white marble counter. The grinders are pink, purple, and rainbow.

Any stoner will tell you how vital a good grinder is to have in your toolkit. It's a tool you'll use every sesh, so you want a high quality one that fits your needs and grinds quickly and evenly. If you’re looking for a trusty grinder to last you through the years, first assess your needs. There are tons of grinders on the market with varying shapes, materials and usability. Do you grind up a gram or more at a time? Will this grinder be used mostly on-the-go? Do you have grip strength issues? Take a look at some of our favorite grinders to see which one best fits your lifestyle!


Four-Piece Grinders      

 A white, young female hand with lilac nail polish holds a small Green Monkey Grinders Capuchin herb grinder in her hand. The four pieces are all disconnected, and spread out in her hand. She holds it in front of a gray and white textured rock backsplash

If you need your grinder to include a kief collector, these are the options for you. Our four-piece grinder options from brands like Green Monkey GrindersSLX, and Famous Brandz are sleek, colorful and even include your favorite characters to spice up your smoke sesh. With this classic grinder design, load your nugs into the top teeth layer, twist it to grind, and open up the second layer to retrieve your sticky ground herb. And, of course, twist open the bottom chamber to scrape the kief that’s fallen through the screen in the layer above it.


Two-Piece Grinders

 A white female hand with bright red nail polish holds a green two-piece Santa Cruz Shredder herb grinder above a gray floor. The grinder is slightly open to reveal the teeth inside.

For the no-fuss stoner, simply load your bud into one of the two-piece Santa Cruz Shredders, twist to grind and the flower will stay right in the same chamber to dump out. Since they are also slimmer than the classic grinder shape, these are also the easiest option for those with smaller hands.


Specialty Grinders

 All 10 colors of the Ooze Saturn globe grinder are lined up in a pyramid formation with the point facing the camera. They are on a white marble counter top, and resemble 10 billiards balls.

For those with weak hand strength (or if you just like a dope-looking grinder), the Ooze Saturn Grinder is the perfect option. Its spherical shape and magnetic close allow anyone to grind with ease. This shape fits more naturally in your hand, and a thumbprint on both the top and bottom provide ergonomic traction. It doesn’t take much effort for the razor sharp teeth to easily grind even your densest nugs!

Plus, you can keep your unground flower in the empty top chamber to bring along for later.


Multi-Use Tools

 A male hand with an off-white sleeve holds the silver Ooze Grinder Tray above an out of focus shelf of a smoke shop.

We're all about innovation over here, and a few brands have gone above and beyond to cut even more time out of the rolling process. The Ooze Grinder Tray is one of our favorites because—you guessed it— it’s a grinder and a rolling tray in one. A plastic grinder sits right above a triangular-shaped rolling tray with a funnel at the end so you can easily pour the grind right into your paper or bowl.

The green Highroller grinder and cone packer from Roll It Club lays flat against a white background The lid is removed and sits in front to reveal the teeth. Credit: @metuchensmokeshopnj on Instagram. 

Another innovative multi-use tool that caught our eye is the High Roller from Roll It Club. This one takes it a step further and actually rolls your joint as you grind. Just insert your cone into the chamber, load a nug into the very top layer with the teeth, and get to grinding! The ground flower will fall through the funnel, perfectly packing the cone. Even once your cone is full, you can continue grinding because it will simply fall into the storage chamber for use later.


No matter what kind of stoner you claim to be, we’ve got the grinder for you. Everyone has their favorite way to light up, and we want to make sure we can help you achieve that! Browse our grinders here and find your perfect match.

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