Take Your Sesh To Go With a Dugout

by Layne Alfred on Jul 17, 2020

A white, blonde, young female is taking a dab using the teal Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout. She is using the nectar collector and glass nail, and is wearing a white tank top. She is standing in front of a blue and white mural.

Travel kits for cannabis, also referred to as “dugouts,” have been a staple in the stoner community for decades. Remember that little wooden box you used to catch your uncle fiddling with at the Christmas party? Well, dugouts have come a long way since the ones our OG stoners knew and loved. The classic wooden devices have upgraded to more travel-friendly materials, and there’s even an option for dabs. No matter what your preference is, we’ve got the perfect dugout for you. 



 A male hand holds an orange Lighterpick dugout device with the lid open showing all the contents in front of a Christmas tree with ornaments hanging.

The Lighterpick is the flower dugout of the 21st century. Completely waterproof and smellproof, it’s a discreet option for taking your fresh “herbs” to-go. The Lighterpick keeps up to ¼ oz. dry, fresh and secure, so you’ll have enough for a full day of adventures on the boat or in the woods.


This nifty device has everything you need for a smoke sesh on the fly, including a one-hitter, retractable 2” pick to stir the bowl or clear out your clogged one-hitter, and a slot to insert your own mini Bic lighter (not included). Ranging in every color, the Lighterpick is durable and small enough to fit in your pocket or toss in your beach bag.



If you thought taking your whole dabbing setup to go was too good to be true, meet the Slugger Dabbin Dugout Travel Kit from Ooze. There are no other dab travel kits like this on the market that mimic the original dugout design, making the Slugger the first of its kind.

 The Chameleon black and green Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout is laying on a wood bench outside. The nectar collector is next to it with the titanium nail attached, and the top and side flaps are open.

Made completely of silicone, the Slugger is virtually indestructible. Plus, silicone is very heat-resistant, so you never have to wait for the nail to cool down before putting it back in the case. Just pop the nail off back into its case using the silicone nectar collector. This way, you avoid touching the parts at all.

 The Rasta Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout is being tilted, and the nectar collector, glass nail and titanium nail are being dumped onto a white female hand resting on a wood desk.

Included in the Slugger are glass and titanium nails, a glass bowl insert to dab from, a nectar collector straw and four wax storage compartments. You’ll find the silicone nectar collector and titanium and glass nails stored snugly in the long end of the device. On the other end is a flap that opens to a glass bowl, which can be used with the included nectar collector. Just place your concentrates on the glass bowl, assemble your nail of choice with the silicone nectar collector, heat up the nail with a torch (not included), and take a rip!


Whether you’re a flower connoisseur or a dabber through and through, there’s no reason you can’t pack your setup in an organized kit to take wherever you go. These dugouts stylishly conceal your paraphernalia while masking all traces of cannabis. Maybe our uncles were on to something after all—hop on the dugout train and keep your goods clean, organized and secure.

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