The Alternative for Rolling Joints

by Corey Majeske on Sep 08, 2021

The Alternative for Rolling Joints

Most OG herb enthusiasts enjoy nothing more than lighting up a perfectly rolled joint. It’s a practice that’s been used since humans discovered smoking, and was the standard before head shops started offering new, innovative methods like glass pipes. The practice remains hugely popular to this day, offering a nice, portable way to enjoy cannabis.

Sure, smoking joints in great, but rolling them is not everyone’s favorite hobby. Fortunately, there’s a great alternative to rolling that we call stuffing. This method requires packing cone-style papers, like RAW Cones, with herb. The end result is quite comparable to any traditional hand-rolled joint.

Rolling Isn’t for Everyone

Rolling a joint is easier said than done. It’s a meticulous process that wastes paper, flower, and money when done improperly.

It’s Time-Consuming

Rolling a joint is not for the impatient. If an inexperienced roller attempts to operate with speed, it often ends with disaster. If you make the slightest mistake, it’s back to square one with a fresh paper. There’s also a group of people that can roll, but would rather spend that time smoking.

There’s a lot of Room for Error

There are many things that could go wrong while you roll up–you can rip the paper, you can roll it too loose, or too tight. Errors like these are especially common among beginners.

Paper Quality Can Vary

Unfortunately, not all papers are created equally. Besides the fact that some are treated with chemicals we don’t necessarily want to be inhaling on a regular basis, some papers are too thin or too thick, and both of these issues can lead to an unsuccessful rolling session.

Bad Rolling Leads to an Improper Burn

An improper burn is a waste of paper and flower. There are many reasons why a joint can end up burning improperly and most have to do with the rolling processes. Ending up with a joint that burns evenly and slowly is an art as much as it is a science and can only be mastered through practice.

Raw Cones: A Perfect Alternative to Rolling

Raw Cones are the go-to alternative, and it’s easy to see why. They eliminate the hassle and offer a more consistent way to “roll up”. Raw Cones, including the Raw Classic Lean Cones and the Raw Classic 98 Special Cones, have been a mainstay at GoToSmokeShop for a reason–they have what it takes to deliver wonderful smoking experiences without the frustrations.

Raw Cones are empty pre-rolls; so no actual rolling takes place at any time. So, what are the clear benefits of going with this option over traditional rolling methods?

Super Beginner-Friendly

Like we said, it’s no fun to be a rolling beginner. It’s almost determined by fate that you’ll end up wasting a nice amount of herb and paper while you get the hang of it. Cones don’t come with a learning curve, so you can feel more confident that you’ll end up with a successful joint.

Even More Travel-Friendly

Experienced joint rollers don’t always have the ability to stop what they’re doing and roll up. This is especially true when we’re away from our homes and don’t have the space to roll a joint by hand. RAW cones are a lot easier to travel with because they take a lot less time to complete, and most RAW’s packaging doubles as rolling tools such as funnels or trays.

Available in Various Sizes

RAW cones come in different sizes, including some pretty large ones that allow you to stuff a lot of herb into a single roll. This is great for those who don’t want to stick with small joints throughout the day.

They Burn

Because you don’t have to do any of the rolling yourself, you won’t have to worry about an uneven roll that burns at an improper rate. A substantial and even pack leads to a perfect burn.

RAWthentic Quality

RAW cones have remained highly popular over the years because their quality has set the industry standard. The Alcoy, Spain paper is natural, highly durable, and considered some of the best in the world.

RAW Cones: An Easier Way to Enjoy a Joint

At the end of the day, RAW Cones exist to make our joints easier. So, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t grab them, unless you’re a purist who simply enjoys the process of rolling by hand. Beginners and OGs alike will find that opting for RAW Cones is overall the better way to roll.

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