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by Layne Alfred on May 07, 2020

The Go To Smoke Shop logo is under a neon "Now Open" sign. Welcome to Go To Smoke Shop!

With the coronavirus lockdown, most smoke shops have been forced to close their doors. But here at Go To Smoke Shop, we believe grinders and bongs are far from “non-essential items!” We decided to make sure they were still available during the lockdown, and make them accessible to more regions from here on out. With all the offerings of a classic brick-and-mortar smoke shop, think of us as your local depot while yours is closed during the pandemic. Check out the wealth of accessories, pieces and tools we offer!


Rolling Papers, Trays and Cones

A female hand holds three 5-packs of King Palm natural palm leaf wraps in her hand in front of their displays.

Everything you need to roll the most immaculate joint is right here. We know every joint-smoker has their personal favorite rolling paper, so we made sure to carry all the biggest brands including Raw, Shine and Elements. Or, if you want to mix it up, grab a pack of palm leaf wraps. Check out our cone fillers to make rolling a joint quick and easy. Finally, take your pick of an artistic plastic, wooden, metal or glass rolling tray to perfect your joint-rolling experience.



All 10 colors of the Ooze Saturn Grinder are lined up in a pyramid formation on a marble counter top to look like billiards balls. The Rainbow grinder is front and center

With over one hundred grinders to choose from, you have no excuse to keep shredding your bud by hand! Whether you prefer lightweight plastic for portability or heavy aluminum for durability, you can choose the grinder that fits your lifestyle. We carry high-quality grinders from Ooze, Green Monkey, Croc Crusher and many more.


Silicone accessories

The Ooze Rasta Clobb 4-in-1 Silicone Hybrid device is sitting on a polished floor with the glass banger inserted, and the nectar collector disconnected from the body with the nail inserted.

Are you up on the silicone piece trend? If not, check out our variety of silicone hand pipes and water pipes. These devices are designed with glass and silicone so you can safely burn your bud, but have piece of mind that it won’t break! Choose from brands like Ooze, Eyce and Aqua among many more.


Glass pieces

A large Snoop Dogg POUNDS glass bong sits on a black shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showroom, in front of the wall of rolling papers. The bong is a straight design with kelly green accents.

Drop and shatter your only piece and can’t get to a smoke shop? Take your pick of our hundreds of glass rigs, bongs, bubblers, chillums and hand pipes! We carry tons of brands like Famous Brandz, K. Haring and Grav in a variety of designs so you can find your perfect match. You won’t even miss your befallen bowl. 


Cleaning supplies

A female hand holds a bottle of Orange Chronic cleaner above a gray floor.

If you’ve had trouble finding reliable cleaning products for your devices during the lockdown, you can rest assured that our selection is from the best brands out there. Everything you need to get your pieces squeaky clean is right at your fingertips: silicone cleaners, glass cleaners, wipes and bristled pipe cleaners from Orange Chronic, Eyce Molds, Klear Kryptonite and more. You can even take your after-smoke cleanliness routine up a notch with smoke-eliminating air fresheners.


Novelty items

A Cheeseburger and Donut Mug Pipe are sitting side by side on a black shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showrooms. They are displayed so you can see the bowl attachment on the base.

I bet you never thought you needed a bowl attached to your coffee mug. Well, now you do, and we’ve got it! Along with novelty and gift items like mugs, we carry fun and unique stash jars and swag from your favorite brands like Raw and Ooze. 


Along with all these essentials, we have torches, butter-makers, extract solutions and so much more, so take a look around the site! We’re proud and excited to be launching Go To Smoke Shop and to offer these essential products to patients around the nation who don’t have the convenience of a local smoke shop. And for those who do have a local depot, we hope Go To Smoke Shop comes in handy during these long weeks of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order.



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