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by Corey Majeske on Dec 10, 2021

The technology behind dabbing has evolved a lot in the last decade, as this once-niche hobby has made its way into the mainstream, and for good reason. Dabbing offers a far more potent and flavorful way to experience cannabinoids and terpenes, and so the demand for high-performance, reliable dabbing hardware has increased over the years. One of the most exciting advancements has been the electronic nail (e-nail), which works wonders to improve the dabbing experience.

What Exactly is an E-Nail?

An e-nail is an electronic piece of dabbing hardware that looks like a basic controller box, with a relatively small size. It attaches to a dab rig, and its job is to heat the dab nail directly. Traditional dabbing involves heating the nail with a butane torch, which requires that the user holds the torch against the nail for the precise length of time it takes to reach a specific temperature. Then, they must allow it to cool for a precise length of time until it’s ready to take concentrates.

Electronic nails do all of this work for you. You set the temperature on the device, and it lets you know when that temperature has been achieved so that you can get to dabbing. E-Nails also come in all kinds of varieties, different sizes, and designs. Plus, they offer different temperature settings (precise temperature increments or general temperature presets).

Why Have E-Nails Taken Over the Dabbing World?

It’s really no wonder why e-nails have become hugely popular. Especially, as technology and overall user knowledge of these continues to grow.

  • Great for newbies who are intimidated by the idea of heating a nail manually, with no indication that the nail has reached the right temperature.
  • Ensure that each dab hit is exactly the same as the last, by heating the nail to the same exact temperature time and time again.
  • For even the most advanced dabber, using a torch requires a lot of guesswork, even if they’re using a thermometer that reads the temperature of the dab.
  • An e-nail allows the dabber to sit back, relax and wait for the nail to be ready.

Portable E-Nails vs Desktop E-Nails

As you can see, e-nails remove the tedious process of heating the nail with a butane torch and waiting for it to cool. Now, you just have to choose between going portable or using a larger model.

Portable E-Nails

  • Handheld
  • Battery-powered
  • Great for taking with you if you’re planning on dabbing at a buddy’s house
  • Have lower battery capacities which means that they need fairly frequent recharging
  • May not reach super-high temperatures (this actually can be a good thing for some dabbers who like to take hits a moderate temps)

Desktop Vaporizers

  • Larger systems
  • Sit on a surface
  • Are battery-powered and/or have to be plugged in into an outlet
  • Tend to offer a wider array of features and temperature settings
  • More output capacity

The Missing Piece from Your Dabbing Setup: E-Nails

So, if you’re still on the fence about purchasing an electronic nail, let’s lay out all of the key benefits that they offer. Now, if you still want to use a torch, there is absolutely no shame in that. But, most dabbers do find that switching to an e-nail immediately improves their dabbing experience.

#1: Offers Precise Temperature Control

It goes without saying that a main aspect of successful dabbing is controlling the temperature of the nail. If that temperature is a little too low or too high, you won’t be able to enjoy your concentrates, and will end up wasting them. An e-nail reaches the exact temperature you set it at, so that you don’t to worry about wasted dabs, poor flavor or burnt concentrates.

#2: Distributes Heat Evenly

E-nails utilize advanced heating elements to provide more even heat to your dabs, and this means that you can really enjoy every last drop of dab oil. Further, it offers richer flavor while giving you thicker vapor with each dab hit.

#3: Keeps Your Sweet Spot Intact

A dabber’s “sweet spot” is the exact temperature that gives them all of the qualities that they want out of a dabbing experience. Many dabbers find their sweet spot with a butane torch and are unable to replicate it afterwards due to the unreliable nature of manual heating. Using an e-nail lets you maintain that sweet spot each time you go for a dabbing session.

#4: Many Models Have Exciting Features

E-nails are getting more and more advanced, and nowadays, many come with highly advanced and exciting features like Bluetooth compatibility that lets you control your equipment from your phone. A lot of these systems even offer a wide array of output presets that are designed to boost flavor, or make specific adjustments based on the exact type of concentrate that you’re vaping.

E-Nails Can Be Well Worth Purchasing, Especially if You Crave a More Consistently Satisfying Dabbing Experience

Electronic nails clearly offer a ton of advantages over manual-based dabbing setups, and it’s hard to find a drawback when compared to traditional heating with a butane torch. Good news for most people out there is that you can find an e-nail for every budget and dabbing need. Our industry offers a wider variety of these devices than ever before.

Once your nail is up to your selected temperature, you’re free to get your dab on until you are ready to turn the device off. This also makes multiple-person dab seshes a lot smoother. Not to mention, if you’re in a group, you can now dab one after another without having to shout out over a noisy torch in the middle of those hits.

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