What is a Nectar Collector?

by Corey Majeske on Sep 22, 2021

Dabbing has gone from a niche market to an incredibly massive industry in matter of minutes. One type of dab tool that has really taken off is the nectar collector. It’s a long straw attached to a base. The basic style is its best attribute. Although all nectar collectors follow this general design, they do vary in a number of ways.

  • Nectar collectors, like pipes, can be made from various heat-resistant materials, with the most common ones being glass and silicone, as they can both handle the high heat of dabbing while having little to no effect on flavor.
  • The narrow nature of the straw section means that a nonporous material like these two is ideal, since you can’t really get in there easily to scrub away resin and ash.
  • Usually, the tip of a nectar collector is made from titanium or quartz, because it must be able to handle the very high temperatures to which the dish is exposed. So, it must be made from the same type of material a dab nail is made from.
  • Nowadays, there are both analog and electric nectar collectors, with the latter utilizing a chamber that holds the concentrate rather than relying on a dish, while offering an internal heating mechanism for your dabs. Still, most dabbers find that analog is the way to go, since they enjoy the unique design and process associated with this type of piece.

Why Have So Many Dabbers Switched to a Nectar Collector?

Maybe you’re thinking that a nectar collector can’t possibly provide a more enjoyable experience than a trusty rig, but it has its advantages.

Advantage #1: Travel-Friendliness

A nectar collector is a far more portable dabbing device than a dab rig, which has more moving parts and takes up more space, while often being more fragile. Essentially, if you’re the type of enthusiast who likes to bring your piece to a buddy’s house on the weekend, or simply enjoy your dabbing sessions while on hikes or camping, a nectar collector is practically a must-have. They’re also easier to store as they take up less space and are less prone to toppling over.

Advantage #2: Offers Strong and Direct Puffs

The design of the airflow channel tends to provide stronger direct hits into the lungs, in a way that’s similar to operating a one-hitter for dry herb. The straight, narrow airflow channel makes the process of inhaling more efficient from the time you press up on your dabs with the bottom tip. This means that you may be able to get faster-acting and stronger effects as a result.

Advantage #3: A More User-Friendly Option

This is especially true as a lot of today’s dab rigs and electric dabbing devices have a lot of complexity in terms of parts and accessories. Basically, the entire process of using them is smoother and more intuitive, and they require less maintenance as there is less surface area to take care of.

Using a nectar collector requires just a few steps:

  1. Heat the tip of the collector.
  2. Place your concentrate in your dish.
  3. Just drag the tip over the concentrate while inhaling through the mouthpiece at the top.

Advantage #4: Makes Less of a Mess

Using a nectar collector results in a tidier experience as well. There is less chance of your concentrates spilling or splattering, and less room for resin to hide.

The Nectar Collectors by Ooze

While nectar collectors are, by and large, excellent options for dabbing, some companies who make them are more worth exploring than others. We carry an excellent lineup of models from Ooze, one of the leading brands in hardware today. They offer a wide variety of models, including ones that double as water pipes so that you can enjoy a variety of dabbing styles all with one device. All of their nectar collectors are made from resilient, top-quality materials, and have what it takes to make your dabbing dreams come true in a simpler way than ever before.

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