What is a Reclaim Catcher?

by Corey Majeske on Dec 10, 2021

Dabbing is a trend that’s clearly not going anywhere, as it offers real value to anyone seeking out those wonderful compounds in a more potent form. Dabbing hobbyists tend to enjoy the hardware just as much as the dabs themselves, and the market is always introducing new and exciting products that take dabbing to a whole new level of both convenience and enjoyment.

One of the newer additions to the dabbing hardware market is the reclaim catcher, which is a pretty self-explanatory accessory that can do wonders for anyone’s dab routine. It offers a number of benefits that make it a particularly valuable addition to any dabber’s arsenal.

What a Reclaim Catcher Does

“Reclaim” is a word used to describe the globs of concentrate that almost unavoidably spill over the banger or convert back into wax each time we dab. It gets its name from the fact that it can be “reclaimed”, or used again the next time the person goes for another dabbing session, sort of like the resin that builds up in a pipe. The thing is that reclaim is hard to collect unless you have a specific accessory designed just for this purpose. So, that’s where a reclaim catcher comes in.

Almost always made from resilient silicone material, a reclaim catcher attaches to your setup to collect those globs of concentrate each time you dab. This way, it collects and makes it easy to grab when you’re finally ready to reclaim it. Reclaim catchers are easy to remove from your setup so that you can store or transport your reclaim as needed. Works a lot like an ash collector, except reclaim is more valuable.

What are the Benefits of Using a Reclaim Catcher?

The main purpose of a reclaim catcher, of course, is to collect your reclaim so that it doesn’t go to waste. But, a reclaim catcher can actually offer other benefits that can appeal to just about any dabbing enthusiast.

Benefit #1: No More Annoying Oil Clogs

When that glob of reclaim gets back into your device, its thick, gunky consistency can easily clog the airflow channel of your piece. This can instantly interrupt that nice dabbing session you’ve been enjoying and be a pain to get out. If you’re dabbing a lot in one session, dealing with reclaim clogs can be extremely annoying, as any heavy-duty enthusiast will tell you. A reclaim catcher prevents this entire problem from happening in the first place by blocking your reclaim from going anywhere but inside your reclaim catcher.

Benefit #2: No Tedious Cleaning Required

We know what you might be thinking – a new accessory means yet another thing that needs to be cleaned and maintained. But, with a reclaim catcher, cleaning is really a piece of cake. It’s made of silicone, which is a nonporous, dishwasher-friendly material that resists a lot of annoying gunk buildup. And, the spillover of reclaim can be quite messy without a reclaim catcher, so there’s a big payoff.

#3: Reclaim for Days

Naturally, the best thing about a reclaim catcher is that it recycles a lot of what could otherwise be an unusable byproduct of the dabbing process. As long as you’re not overheating your dabs, reclaim can be great for dabbing on its own or mixed in with your regular concentrates. You can even add a little reclaim to your favorite flower if you wanted to. This can really stretch out your concentrates so that you spend less money restocking.

What Kinds of Reclaim Catchers are There?

All reclaim catchers follow the same basic design, but there are some variations that are good to know so that you can find the one that’s most compatible with your setup as well as your general needs and preferences. Reclaim catchers are becoming increasingly popular, so you’ll likely have an easy time finding the perfect one for you.

#1: Size

When choosing a reclaim catcher, you need to know that it’s compatible with your existing rig setup. They come in different joint size options, so pay attention to this carefully to make sure that it will actually fit your device. Also, some reclaim catchers have more capacity than others in terms of length, to fit more reclaim. How much you dab determines how large the catcher should be, as those who dab more will naturally produce more reclaim that needs to be stored.

#2: How It Attaches to Your Rig

Reclaim catchers vary in terms of how they actually connect to your rig.

  • The most popular style is an angled drop-down attachment that’s placed directly below your nail or banger, which attaches and detaches to your rig really easily.
  • A similarly popular choice is a straight attachment that can work just as well.
  • Others look a lot like standard ash catchers and attach to a rig in the same manner.
  • Finally, you can find reclaim catchers that utilize advanced inner tubing to access the inside of the rig chamber.

Because reclaim catchers are becoming so popular, we’re actually seeing more dabs that have reclaim catchers built in. This means that you don’t need to buy one separately. But, if you’re like most people, you already have a rig that you enjoy using, and may just prefer buying a separate reclaim catcher to attach to it so that you can keep using your trusty rig.

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