Pure Glass - 10" - Polarize Clusterball - Clear

The Polarize is the ideal bong for a daily smoker. Its physical attributes are impactful, with an overpowering diffused downstem and inside perc. The smoke travels beyond and into a one-of-a-kind perc, within the small body of the bong. The active design comes in a convenient shape — just one hand to hold this bad boy up. Big rips are easy, and you can cook it without getting that ashy taste. Best of all, there's no need to smooth the smoke out with ice — it's a clean green taste the whole way through. The sharp hook-like handle encompasses the base of the device and almost looks like a fisherman's hook but upside down. The Polarize also features a conveniently located carbhole near the base of the bong.

• Height:10"
• Cluster Ball Percolator
• Pure Bowl included
• Pure scientific glass
• Hand crafted in Los Angeles, California
• 14mm Male Pure Bowl

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