Bluum Lab Disposable CBD Vape - 100mg - Kush


Tired of the filling, cleaning, and other time-consuming tasks associated with maintaining your CBD vape system? BLUUM has the answer to streamlining the process in their Disposable CBD Vape Pod Cartridges! The pinnacle of portability and convenience, this all-in-one, disposable, compact device comes pre-filled with delicious CBD-rich e-liquid in kush! Once the liquid is consumed, simply toss the used kit & grab a new one! Does it get any easier? In addition to easy operation and the elimination of any maintenance chores, BLUUM’s CBD is domestically sourced from organically grown industrial hemp flowers! If you’ve been searching for a product that offers premium CBD with a side of simplicity, then add a few of these incredible Disposable CBD Vape Pod Kits from BLUUM to your shopping cart now!

Product Features:

  • 100mg of Pure CBD
  • All Natural CBD
  • All-In-One, Disposable Device
  • Draw Activated

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