Headdies Dab Vac 3D - True Green


The best way to dab just got better with the Headdies 3D Printed DabVac! With over 2 million views on YouTube the original DabVac paved the way for this futuristic version using a 3-D print medium. After taking the market by storm, the Headdies team now brings their A game with our next step… The Headdies 3D Printed DabVac! The 3D Printed DabVac was inspired from the original DabVac to make an even more affordable, reliable way of collecting and receiving the effects of your concentrates.. A first in the industry! This new version boasts an interchangeable borosilicate dish, silicone lid, multi joint adapter and a super thick quartz wand, and with all the new colors available, you too can dab the rainbow! The Headdies 3D Printed DabVac works by placing your E-Liquid, oils, concentrates or even herbal extracts into the borosilicate dish. You then use a torch or a consistent high temperature heating source and heat the tip of the Headdies quartz wand until properly heated. Last, place the tip of your quartz wand into the borosilicate dish and inhale as the vapor or smoke travels through the surgical grade latex tube, into your water-pipe and delivers it to your lungs. Here at Headdies, our goal is to continue to solidify and extend our brand and customer base in the 3-D Printed World, therefore we’ve given powerful, yet careful thoughts towards our projects for you to have an innovative and cost efficient experience.

The Headdies 3D Printed DabVac made its appearance at the Champs Trade show 2017 in Las Vegas and is now available for you and as always, the 3D Printed DabVac is designed and 3D printed right here in the USA.

Headdies 3-D Printed DabVac comes with:
• 3D Printed DabVac (High Temperature Polymer Plastics)
• DabVac Borosilicate Dish
• Surgical Grade Latex Tube
• Headdies Thick DabVac Quartz Wand
• Silicone Dish Cap
• 3-D Printed Multi Joint Adapter (Fits all water pipe joints)

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